NEL is committed to realising a sustainable, diverse, low carbon future. This commitment inspires the way we run our own business in addition to driving sustainable outcomes for the businesses we work with.

Whilst our investment model is returns orientated, it is complimented with a powerful ESG strategy to drive a portfolio of businesses that can confidently contribute to key environmental, social and governance agendas.

Mark Wharton, Senior Portfolio Executive & Chartered ESG Investment Manager

Mark Wharton, Senior Portfolio Executive at NEL Fund Managers


Mark Wharton is our Chartered ESG Investment Manager. Mark is responsible for overseeing the implementation of our ESG policy throughout the work of the investment and portfolio teams.

“ESG is at the heart of NEL’s principal operations. We’ve developed a lending model that incorporates an assessment of a prospective portfolio company’s ESG Preparation and Implementation as a tool to ensure informed lending decisions are made and investees are assisted by way of our ‘inform, educate and develop’ strategy. We’re looking forward to continuing with this model, and reporting on the significant impacts achieved”. 


For an insight into NELs approach to realising a sustainable, diverse and low carbon future, please take a look at our latest impact report. NELs first ESG report will be published in May 2024.