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Laneberg Wine pressing on with second NEL investment

Uploaded by in Recent Investments, Small Loan Fund on October 12, 2020

The North East’s first urban winery is scaling up its operations after securing a second investment from the North East Small Loan Fund Supported By The European Regional Development Fund. Laneberg Wine is the UK’s most northerly winery and released its first vintage of white and rosé wines in 2019 […]

North East’s first urban winery toasts Fortnum & Mason listing

Uploaded by in Success Stories on August 11, 2020

A new vintage from the North East’s first urban winery has taken its place alongside some of the world’s best-known labels in a landmark London location. The 2019 Bacchus white produced by Team Valley-based Laneberg Wine is now being stocked by Fortnum & Mason at its flagship Piccadilly […]