NEL Fund Managers sign up to Good Work Pledge

Uploaded by in NEL News & Insights on February 7, 2023

NEL Fund Managers is proud to announce they are officially signed up to the North of Tyne Combined Authority‘s Good Work Pledge!

The Good Work Pledge is a scheme where North East businesses can stand up and be counted for being fair employers.

The pledge means businesses are committing to the Five Pillars of Practice –

  • Promoting Health and Wellbeing, which involves providing a safe working environment, and providing opportunities for people to develop healthy lifestyles, especially positive mental health;
  • Developing a Balanced Workforce, which involves investing in training and progression for employees, planning for now and for the future, and ensuring that inclusiveness and equity are central to your work;
  • Valuing and Rewarding your Workforce, which involves means paying a fair wage, offering extra benefits, and providing security and job fulfilment wherever possible;
  • Effective Communication & Representation, which involves promoting trust and fairness by valuing and listening to employees, and involving them throughout the organisation;
  • Demonstrate a Social Responsibility, which involves contributing to the local area by buying locally, thinking green, and supporting employees to give back through volunteering or community action.

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