The experience and expertise of the NEL management team, across all elements of fund management, can be applied to provide a close fit with the needs of existing funds and other financial products and institutions.

Previous projects we have delivered for investors include an assessment of an existing portfolio to highlight key investments and priorities, and informing investment decisions on funds over how best to achieve financial and social impact.

If you’d like to explore how our advisory services could compliment your project, please contact Jonathan Luke on 0345 369 7007.

Name : Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Fund to Finance Innovation
Mission : Supporting the National Innovation Strategy, and achieving the UAE’s developmental vision to be amongst the 10 most innovative countries internationally by 2021.Providing financial solutions and the necessary guarantees to innovative entrepreneurs, in order to facilitate their access to business loans to finance their projects, and help them turn their ideas into actual projects.

Contributing to establishing a supportive environment for innovation in collaboration with financial institutions and funding entities, such as commercial banks, investment funds and family businesses, among others.

NEL’s applied expertise : NEL NED and ex CEO, Dr Yvonne Gale, is one of 11 members of the Advisory & Decision Committee that has been formed as part of the launch of the AED 2 billion Mohammed bin Rashid Innovation Fund, a UAE Ministry of Finance-backed initiative designed to support local innovators in accessing affordable finance.Yvonne and her fellow committee members, who are business leaders and academics from every part of the world, were recruited by consultants PwC, who were tasked by the UAE government with finding expert individuals who could offer a diverse range of ideas and knowledge.

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