Impact investing since 1989

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NEL Fund Managers is an employee owned fund management company, specialising in achieving blended returns and positive impact for our investors. The place-based economic generation funds that we’ve managed over the years, have varied in geography and although our main focus has been on the North East of England, we have partnered to invest funds right across the UK. We have even applied our fund management experience and expertise as far reaching as the UAE.

Since NEL was founded in 1989 we’ve managed 13 investment funds with a combined value of over £95m. In that time, we have achieved great success in helping to combat a huge range of challenges, both directly through investment in businesses to support job creation for example, and indirectly by providing the funds needed by businesses to either establish or expand the pioneering work they do to make our world a better place.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Whilst all of our investments are made with a mission of inclusive and sustainable economic growth and job creation (Sustainable Development Goal No. 8), we are proud to have been able to support businesses with the funding needed to achieve many more of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (”SDG”).

As we celebrate three decades of impact investing, I invite you to read NEL’s First Social Impact Report which celebrates the great work carried out by the NEL team in ensuring our investors funds are intelligently placed and draws on the amazing businesses we’ve supported in their endeavours to not only realise their own potential as enterprises and employers, but also in assisting with much wider problems.

I hope you enjoy reading this report, if you have any questions on it or are interested in learning more about NEL and the positive impact our investment make, please get in touch.

Impact Fund Management

NEL can help with all aspects of impact fund management, from fund design to fund closure. Please visit our website to read about the services we can offer.

If you’d like to speak to us to discuss your unique requirements as an investor and explore ways in which we can work with you to achieve your impact objectives please call us on 0345 369 7007 or visit for more info.

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