Purposeful Health Growth Accelerator: SME Showcase

23 June 2021, 10:00 - 11:30

Celebrating the success of the first group of Purposeful Health SMEs completing our Innovation and Growth Programme.

About this event

Join us to discover how collaborations between Northumbria University, NEL Fund Managers and businesses within the health, wellness and care sectors have enabled business growth and innovation and hear about future support available.


10:00 Welcome

Carolyn Horrocks

10:05 Introduction to the Purposeful Health Growth Accelerator

Yvonne Gale

10:15 SME Showcase: Reducing Loneliness with Your Health & Care

Glenda Cook and Glenda Devlin

10:35 SME Showcase: Delivering Physiotherapy during covid with Platinum PT

Neil Sleeman and Ioannis Vogiatzis

10:55 SME Showcase: Gait analysis in Parkinson’s Disease with Mymo

Craig Downs and Alan Godfrey

11:15 Fireside Chat

Carolyn Horrocks and Yvonne Gale

11:30 Close

The Purposeful Health Growth Accelerator is delivered by Northumbria University and NEL Fund Managers, a partnership backed by funding from Research England. For more information, please visit www.purposefulhealth.co.uk

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