Driving prosperity and environmental sustainability – an impact investors view

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NEL Fund Managers has been investing for positive impact end economic development in the North East of England for 30 years.

We do this by applying positive screening methods to our investment decision making, taking in to account not only the financial returns for our investors but the many non-financial outcomes which contribute to making the region a thriving, innovative and sustainable place to live and work, not only now but in the future too.

Impact investment goals

We are actively seeking applications for funding from businesses who apply innovative thinking to solve some of the region’s issues. The North East Local Enterprise Partnership recognise some of the regions major focus areas to be on business growth and innovation, as well as skills, employment, inclusion and progression; therefore mirroring NEL’s drive to invest in ambitious, forward thinking businesses who can not only create opportunities for employment, but create opportunities for better, higher paid positions to keep North East talent here in the region where they can contribute to the prosperity and economic health of the area.

In addition to the impact goals mentioned above, we are also looking to speak to businesses who have the ability to provide solutions to local and global environmental problems, such as those taking steps towards circular economy working, supporting the low carbon agenda, and other schemes working towards a cleaner and greener place for us all to live.

FSB Circular Economy Event

This month, NEL’s CEO, Dr Yvonne Gale, will be speaking at the FSB Circular Economy Event, which is taking place at Business Central in Darlington. FSB research shows that:

⦁ 50% of SMEs haven’t heard of the Circular Economy
⦁ 25% do not understand the concept,
⦁ and only 10% are thinking about it for their business

and so, the event has been established to offer the advice and support businesses need, whatever their stage and understanding.

Yvonne will be speaking about the funding that NEL Fund Managers has to support businesses in the circular economy, and how our unique funding solutions can overcome some of the barriers that face businesses in the circular economy when looking at traditional finance sources. The event is free and tickets are available here.

NEL supporting the drive for prosperity and environmental sustainability

NEL manages two funds, the North East Small Loan Fund and the North East Growth Capital Fund, both of which are supported by the European Regional Development Fund, and both with a mission to increase economic prosperity and environmental sustainability. Through these funds we can support your business plans with funding up to £500,000.

As impact investors, we operate a little differently and so even if you’ve been turned down for funding elsewhere, we’d welcome the opportunity to open a conversation about your business and its plans for the future, especially plans which fit with our own impact objectives.

For more information on the funds we manage and we can help accelerate your business growth and impact potential, please visit www.nel.co.uk or give us a call on 0345 369 7007.

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